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Refer A Friend

About our Forex Affiliate Program

If you run a website or blog of your own, if you have friends who are interested in Forex trading, or if you simply post occasionally on one of the many Forex forums on the internet, there's a great opportunity to earn a recurring monthly income by referring other traders to us. You don't need to have a live trading account of your own in order to participate, and you can earn a percentage of the Forex rebates that we pay to those traders you refer for as long as they continue to trade themselves.

Our referral program is open to anybody and it's free to join.

How it works

After registering at Forex Broker CashBack, you get access to an assortment of banners and a unique text link. The banners can be placed on your site or blog, and the text link can be mailed to friends and used in forum posts or blog comments.

Whenever anybody clicks on one of your banners or links to visit our website, a cookie is stored on their machine. If that person subsequently signs up to Forex Broker CashBack, their trades get allocated to you as their referrer, and you earn an industry-leading 12% referral commission of however much cashback they receive themselves. If one of your traders receives a $500 rebate in the month, you also get to earn $60 yourself!

How cool is that?

The more traders that you bring to Forex Broker CashBack, the more commission you will earn from your traders' rebates. It's quite easy to earn a great residual income by referring traders to us and, as we say, this income is recurring, which means that you continue to earn each month for as long as your traders continue to trade!

Once you've registered and logged in, you will be able to retrieve your unique affiliate link and view your referral income from inside the members area. And in case you're worried about internet safety, none of your personal details are seen by or passed to other members, nor will they ever be sold on to a third party.

It's easy to start increasing your earnings, so what are you waiting for? You can easily find your personalised banners by clicking the 'Banners' tab in the Members Area.