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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your service work?

Forex Broker CashBack act as a volume introducer of clients to different Forex brokers.

Whenever somebody opens their trading account using one of the links on this website, we earn a percentage of the spread or commission paid on every trade that person makes. As a measure of our appreciation for traders opening their accounts through us, we then pay back most of our earnings to those traders we refer, and keep a small percentage ourselves.

It's a win-win situation for both us and traders alike.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

Our main conditions are that clients may only claim cashback on broker accounts they own, and they may only register a single Forex Broker CashBack web account (not to be confused with Forex broker accounts, you may add as many broker accounts as you like). Forex Broker CashBack clients cannot change or modify their referrer and they may not be a referrer of their own account.

If multiple web accounts for the same user are discovered, all accounts beyond the first may be disabled.

You can click the link to view our full terms and conditions.

What is your Privacy Policy?

We take the privacy of our members very seriously, and the safety and integrity of our traders' personal information is the top priority of Forex Broker CashBack.

You can click the link to view our privacy policy.

How do I start earning Forex rebates on my trades?

Firstly, sign up for a free account at Forex Broker CashBack if you haven't already done so.

Choose a broker and click one of the links or icons to open an account, then follow the instructions on the broker's website. Once the broker has confirmed to you that your account has been successfully opened, login to Forex Broker CashBack and click the 'Accounts' tab within the Members Area to add the account and claim cashback from your chosen broker. You will receive a confirmation email from us when completed. As your introducer, your broker pays us a percentage of the spread or commission they charge you each time that you place a trade. This commission is already built into your broker's budget, so your spreads, costs, and standard of service stay exactly the same!

While you are logged in to Forex Broker CashBack, remember to also click the 'Profile' tab within the Members Area and make sure that you have provided your payment information.

Begin actively trading the account, and wait for your Forex rebates to roll in!

And don't forget that you can use your unique affiliate link to start earning a commission on the trades of those traders that you refer.

How much cashback can I earn?

Many active traders earn thousands of dollars in Forex rebates each month, but the amount you earn will vary depending upon the size of your trades and how often you trade. To quickly estimate your total cashback, why not use our Forex Rebate Calculator?

Will Forex Broker CashBack fund my account?

No, you must open and fund your account yourself and we will then pay you Forex rebates based upon the amount of trades you make.

Do I earn Forex rebates on losing trades?

Yes. Your broker still earns money regardless of whether you win or lose, so why shouldn't you earn rebates?

Are there any trades where I won't earn cashback?

Unfortunately, there are some cases where we do not earn commissions ourselves.

For instance, not all brokers pay commissions on trades using the cTrader platform where dealing costs are already very low.

Some brokers will not pay commissions on trades where the profit or loss on the trade is very low (eg. 1 pip or less). In addition, some of our brokers impose a minimum duration on trades of between 1 and 3 minutes, and trades with a lesser duration may not receive rebates. This prevents a process referred to within the industry as 'churning', whereby excessive trades are made on an account with the sole objective of generating a commission. If a broker suspects that an account is being churned, he may go so far as to close that account.

Finally, many of our partner brokers may pay either reduced or no rebates at all on trades which are closed via the MT4 'Close By' or 'Multiply Close By' functions.

Are there any criteria I must meet to receive Forex rebates?

There are no minimum earnings you must generate to receive Forex rebates. If your account balance is below the minimum payout level for your chosen payment method, your balance will carry over and continue to accrue until either you change the payment method, or your account balance reaches the amount required to issue payment.

Do my spreads increase if I open a Forex broker account through you?

No! Your spreads and commissions will be EXACTLY the same as those offered on the broker's website, and will be the same as those you would pay if you had opened the account on the broker's website. The only difference is that, by opening your account through us, you will receive cash back!

Can I get Forex cashback on brokers that are not listed?

In some cases yes, but please contact us with your specific broker in mind and we will be able to answer your question.

Can I earn rebates on a Forex broker I already have an account with?

In many cases, yes. Please visit the individual broker pages or contact us for more details.

Can I earn Forex rebates with more than one broker?

Yes. You can open as many Forex broker accounts as you wish. Provided your accounts are all opened through the links on this site, they will all be eligible to earn rebates.

Does it cost anything to open a Forex broker account?

No, although you will need to fund your account before you trade. Otherwise, our service is totally free.

What payment methods do you offer?

We currently offer the following payment methods:

Bank Transfer - US $200 minimum. Fees are charged by our bank and are passed on at cost, and the amount varies depending upon your location. Please contact us for details of fees.
Moneybookers/Skrill - US $5 minimum
Paypal - US $10 minimum
FXPRIMUS MT4 Account Transfer - US $10 minimum

Please note that, except in the case of bank wire transfers, we do not charge fees for making payments to you, although fees may still be charged to you directly by the payment processor.

How do I provide my payment information?

Sign up for a free Forex Broker CashBack account if you haven't already done so. Then login and click the 'Profile' tab in the Members Area.

When do my Forex rebates/cashback show in my account panel?

A unique feature of our service is that, for the majority of our nominated brokers, individual rebates are updated automatically each day. This enables traders to quickly compare their rebates with their own trading records and verify their accuracy. Some brokers take longer to provide us with this information and, when this happens, the information may not appear until a few days after month-end.

After logging in, you can view your current balance inside the Members Area.

When will I receive my payments?

We process payments twice monthly for traders whose account balances as at the end of the previous month have reached or exceed the minimum payment threshold. If your account balance hasn't reached the payout threshold, earnings will roll-over to the following month and continue to accrue until the payout threshold is reached.

Our first payment is made no later than the 8th of each month, and covers all brokers where we are able to collect and process rebate information in real-time.

Our second payment is made no later than the 22nd of each month, and covers any brokers who are unable to provide us with their rebate data until after month-end.

Both payments include rebates earned up to and including the last day of the previous month. Any earnings for the current month will not be included within these payments. Please also ensure that you have provided us with correct up-to-date payment details.

How do I know that you will pay me?

To be brutally honest about this, you don't know, but it would be suicidal for our business if we didn't pay you. The Internet is a very powerful tool, and word would very quickly spread around the worldwide web if we didn't pay our clients promptly.

In addition, you may independently verify our status as an active introducing broker with the brokerages on this site that we act on behalf of.

Can you deposit my Forex rebates directly into my trading account?

We don't have any access to your trading account whatsoever so, generally speaking, the answer is no. Sorry.

Rebates earned on FXPRIMUS accounts, however, can be transferred directly into the trader's MT4 account, and traders wishing to use this payment method can easily set their preference within the Members Area of our website.

What do I do if I disagree with the amount of Forex rebates that I received?

With most of our nominated Forex brokers we are able to itemise every transaction under the Members Area on this website to assist our members in comparing our records against their own. This is done automatically with no risk of human error, but if you feel that there is any mistake, we will always be happy to investigate further. Simply contact us with a copy of your account statement (as it comes from the broker) with a request to have the matter reviewed.