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FinFX News

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FinFX would like to inform that due to the US Memorial Day and UK Spring Bank Holiday on Monday 25 May, there will be some changes in the trading schedule for Gold (XAUUSD) and Silver (XAGUSD) pairs.

US Memorial Day operating hours for gold and silver price feeds:
Monday May 25, 2015 - Gold and Silver trading ends at 17:00 GMT+0 and reopens at 22:00 GMT+0.

However, the Forex pairs will be open normally during this day.

FinFX Trading Hours on Easter 2015

Wednesday 1st of April 2015

FinFX would like to inform their clients that the Gold and Silver trading will close on Thursday, April 2nd at 21:00 GMT due to Good Friday on April 3rd. The Gold and Silver trading will open again normally on Sunday April 5th at 22:00 GMT.

The FX pairs will be open normally on April 3rd and on April 6th, but since Good Friday and Easter Monday are international bank holidays, please be aware that there might be limited market liquidity available.

Finland along with the rest of Europe enters Daylight Saving time on Sunday March 29, 2015. This means that the trading hours will then have normal end-of-day (EOD) time at 21:00 GMT /MetaTrader server time.

However, please note that the time zone change has an impact on the FinFX Office Hours that change from GMT+2 to GMT+3 starting from this Sunday March 29, 2015.

Daylight Saving Time Server Changes

Wednesday 4th of March 2015

FinFX would like to inform their clients that trading hours will be affected due to the Daylight Saving Time (DST) change in the US this weekend. End of day time will change from 22:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT.

Market Opening Time

Starting from 8th March, 2015 the markets open at 21:00 GMT (equivalent to 5 PM EDT on all FinFX Trading Accounts) instead of 22:00 GMT. Please note that Gold and Silver open one hour later at 22:00 GMT.

Market Closing Time

Starting from 13th March, 2015 the market closing time for FX pairs and precious metals will be at 21:00 GMT MetaTrader server time (equivalent to 5 PM EDT) on all FinFX Trading Accounts.

FinFX would like to notify their clients that due to US Presidents' Day on the 16th February 2015, there are some changes in the trading schedule for precious metals.

The Gold (XAUUSD) and Silver (XAGUSD) pairs will close on Monday 16 February 2015 at 18:00 GMT and reopen again at 23:00 GMT!

However, the Forex pairs will be open normally during this time.

FinFX would like to inform that starting from 27th of January 12:00 GMT+0 2015 trading in TRYJPY and CHFNOK currency pairs is temporarily stopped due to circumstances caused by the aftermath of the Swiss National Bank action on the 15th of January 2015.

Important Notification from FinFX

Monday 19th of January 2015

FinFX would like to officially inform that due to regulatory reasons, FinFX will no longer offer brokerage services to U.S. citizens as of 30.1.2015.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact FinFX and they will be happy to help and assist you.

They apologize for any inconveniences that this may have caused you and appreciate your understanding regarding this situation.

Due to the Thursday's dramatic move on the Swiss franc by the Swiss National Bank, a number of brokers have announced that they "can no longer meet regulatory minimum capitalization requirements because of significant losses". A considerable number of brokers went bankrupt and closed down.

FinFX adheres to strict risk management policies and has an extensive range of internal policies and procedures to ensure high standards of business processes; thus they were able to overcome unprecedented volatility. FinFX would like to inform their clients, that their business was not affected substantially. FinFX will continue to operate normally.