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Your continued support of FXPRIMUS has helped them achieve exponential year over year growth since 2009. The growth has led to an explosion in client trading volumes, which they've used as leverage in their banking relationships to ensure customers are always trading on the tightest spreads with lightning fast execution. They are pleased to announce that as a result of recent record setting volumes, the best just became better. Starting this Sunday, April 19 at the open of trading:

You will see a reduction of our average spreads by up to 30%!! They have been slowly rolling out these tighter spreads in the last few weeks with all symbols set to be tightened this coming weekend. You deserve only the best, and they're happy to continue to provide this to you.

Clients can now enjoy positive slippage on resting orders when the markets move in their favor. This includes Take Profit orders, faster execution, and tighter spreads. They have improved their technology such that your order gets matched against a market price at the time your order gets executed. For example, if you have a Take Profit order set @ 1.0600 in the EUR/USD, and the market "gaps up" to 1.0700 and that is the best possible price available, you'll enjoy a 100 pip price improvement! If you are trading a 5 lots, this is an additional $5,000 profit!

Faster executions. Their improved routing technology now gets your order matched against a market price faster than ever before.

A brief outline of some of the particulars based on your spread type:

ECN Premier Spread:

ECN Premier customers will see the largest impact of the new execution and spread changes. This is due to the additional decimal on many currency pairs which allows them to enjoy in the spread reduction more frequently than their Fixed & Variable spread customers. Resting orders including Take Profit orders will be susceptible to slippage both negative & positive. What this means is that once your take profit level is triggered, your order will be executed at the next best price, for a much truer institutional trading experience than ever before. Stop Losses will be treated as usual where execution of a Stop Loss is guaranteed but the price is not.

Variable Spread:

Variable spread customers will notice a slight decrease in spread across some currency pairs, but will be limited due to the fact they don't have an extra decimal similar to ECN Premier. However, Variable spread will also enjoy a dynamic institutional trading experience on resting orders including Take Profit orders which will provide for both negative & positive slippage. Stop Losses will be treated as usual where execution of a Stop Loss is guaranteed but the price is not.

Fixed Spread:

Fixed Spread clients will only see a slight decrease in spreads across some currency pairs, and they will not experience the same dynamic institutional trading experience that our ECN Premier & Variable spread clients will receive.

If you would like to change your spread type to ECN Premier or Variable spread to enjoy tighter spreads and enhanced dynamic execution, please contact