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New currency pairs are available

Friday 14th of March 2014

FinFX is happy to announce that 3 new currency pairs have been added to MT4 platform, to both the Demo and Live accounts. However, please note that the new pairs are currently available on demo, ECN Pro and PAMM accounts. Starting from next week you can also trade them on Micro and ECN accounts.

The following pairs were added:

USDZAR: US Dollar - South African Rand
USDZAR has been the most requested currency pair by FinFX clients. We believe this is because its relatively high interest rates make ZAR a popular carry trade currency.

USDPLN: US Dollar - Polish Zloty
The USDPLN is the most popular pair to trade the Polish currency due to its high volatility. In addition, since FinFX has recently gained some ground in the Eastern Europe, this pair was also among the most requested ones.

USDCNH: CNH is an offshore version of the CNY (Chinese RMB)
The explosive growth in China over the past decade has transformed it into one of the largest economies in the world making it a force in international finance. FinFX added the USDCNH pair, so investors outside of mainland China can now trade on the growth and volatility inherent in an economy that continues to be one of the world's fastest-growing.