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Admiral Markets Ltd name has been changed

Friday 31st of January 2014

Please kindly note that the name of Admiral Markets Ltd has been changed - new name is ProServiceCom Ltd.

The main change will concern bank details for SEB Bank. Corrections will be done in Trader's Room, Terms and Conditions of payments, List of requisites and on web-sites in the timeliest manner possible.

Since the main changes will concern Bank Details for SEB Bank, please find the correct data as per below:

Beneficiary: ProServiceCom Ltd.
Beneficiary's Address: Akara Bldg, 24 De Castro Street, Wickhams Cay 1, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Beneficiary's Bank: AS SEB Bank
Bank address: Tornimae 2, Tallinn 15010, Estonia.
IBAN / account number: EE631010220054344016
Intermediary Bank (required): Deutsche Bank Trust Company
Intermediary Bank's SWIFT (required): BKTRUS33

Please pay attention to the following details when making a bank wire:

1) Beneficiary's name should be ProServiceCom Ltd.

2) Please always use IBAN (International Bank Account Number) EE631010220054344016 as the Beneficiary's account number
NB! Only SEB Bank details were changed. SCB (Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong Limited) requisites remain the same.

In addition, please kindly note, that Admiral are still receiving funds on the old name as usual, but you should use new company name ProServiceCom Ltd in order to make wire transfer via AS SEB Bank to make deposit on your trading account.