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FinFX is happy to say that Autotrading has gotten a whole lot better with the FinFX Currensee Account!

The Currensee Trade Leaders Investment Program is the unique autotrading service that delivers a select network of emerging foreign exchange managers, called Trade Leaders. Once you open and fund your account, you simply choose the Trade Leaders you want to follow by adding them to your portfolio. By joining the program, you leverage sophisticated technology that replicates the trades of a Trade Leader in your account in real-time, regardless of where you are in the world.

The Currensee Trade Leaders Investment Program is different from many of the other auto trading services out there and here's why:

  • No hypothetical performance - Real traders, real live accounts, real results.
  • A select network of emerging managers - Currensee handpicks only the highest caliber Forex traders to be Trade Leaders.
  • Rigorous due diligence - Trade Leaders must pass an extensive review process in order to make it onto the Trade Leaderboard.
  • Expert trade replication - No trade signals to try and follow. Once you allocate to your Trade Leaders, their trades are automatically replicated in your account.
  • Risk management - Real-time product features enable leverage and draw down adjustments by Trade Leader. Provides detailed controls to help manage risk.
  • Full transparency and control - Add or delete Trade Leaders at any time, see performance metrics and adjust Trade Leader allocations, all in real-time.

Read more, watch the new Currensee Product Tour video and start autotrading here!