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Pepperstone is proud to announce the addition of 4 new trading pairs: USDMXN, USDCZK, EURCZK, and GBPTRY.

These pairs give Pepperstone traders the ability to access new exposure to regions previously not available to the majority of MT4 traders. Included below is a breakdown of what to expect from these new pairs from a historical and current perspective.

To view these pairs within your MT4 Platform Simply Right Click on Market Watch and Select 'Show All'.

Mexican Peso (USD/MXN)
Over recent months, the Mexican peso has seen a pickup in demand as global risk appetite increases. With Government leadership now locked in for the next 6 years, it offers stable government, with a central bank that has locked in a cash rate of 4.5% for the previous number of years.

The Mexican economy is the largest exporter and importer in Latin America and its growth is largely tied to America and Canada. This makes the currency exposed to any "risk off" movements and downgrades of US growth however it offers great returns in a "risk on" market and attractive yield opportunities.

Czech Koruna (USD/CZK & EUR/CZK)
Over recent months the Koruna has been engaged in "Currency Wars" in response mainly to the devaluation of the Euro. The Czech National Bank has effectively set interest rates to zero to help protect its currency and stimulate economic growth. Presently inflation is not a major concern, but when it eventually significantly ticks up it is expected that interest rates will also rise accordingly.

The Czech Koruna is in the top 30 most traded currencies in the world. The Country's economic growth is largely linked to the rest of Europe where its major trading partners lie. Its economy relies on tourism and machinery and transport equipment sales to generate the majority of its growth.

Turkish Lira (GBP/TRY)
Pepperstone already offers EURTRY and USDTRY and we think by adding GBPTRY into that mix, it provides a dynamic cross-section of exposure to the Turkish economy and currency for our traders.

In terms of the pair itself, the UK is the second biggest importer of Turkish goods - showing how close a relationship the economies have. The pair has been relatively stable in 2013, but the Pound has been losing ground falling from 2.9 at the end of 2012 to be sitting at 2.778 on the 12th of February.