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Forex Broker News

You can find and read the latest news and press releases from all of our partner brokers here.

FBS invite you to evaluate the advantages of their freshly introduced account types!

Cent account
• Initial deposit $1
• Floating spread starting from 1 pip for EURUSD
• All trading strategies and EAs allowed
• Minimum lot volume - 0.01
• 5-decimal quotes precision
• Fast STP execution from 0.3 sec

Cent accounts are perfectly suitable for beginner traders and those traders, who started developing their strategy on demo accounts. Gain the necessary experience and craft your trading strategy in real market conditions with 100-fold less risk than on Standard accounts!

Fixed spread account
• Fixed spread starting from 2 pips
• Minimum lot volume - 0.01
• 5-decimal quotes precision
• All trading strategies and EAs allowed
• Fast STP execution from 0.3 sec

If you prefer to calculate your income precisely and forecast the expected profit definitely, this account type is for you!

Trade on new accounts by FBS!

In celebration of Team FXPRIMUS Aylezo's participation in the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo 2014 Asia Season, and to show our customer appreciation, we are offering an exciting NEW 30% trading bonus on qualified deposits until 30 November 2014!

With the Full Throttle Appreciation & Loyalty Bonus you can:

  • trade with FXPRIMUS's money
  • risk the bonus (bonus does not auto credit out of your account)
  • increase your account equity and leverage
  • get a second "Loyalty" bonus if you lose the first one
  • earn raffles for cash prizes as well as a Grand Prize trip to Italy to visit the Lamborghini factory at the end of the promotion
  • even earn a 40% bonus if FXPRIMUS places in the Top 3 positions

Please join FXPRIMUS as they race toward the finish line!

UK Forex Trading Conference

The UK Forex Trading Conference is the leading investment event dedicated to educating investors of all backgrounds on navigating the financial markets. The Conference, taking place at Dexter House in the Royal Mint Court complex, presents the perfect opportunity for new and existing IronFX clients to learn more about the bespoke products and services combining to create the world's best online trading environment.

Global thought leader and Head of Global FX Strategy Marshall Gittler will be presenting an exclusive seminar at the event for exhibition attendees who wish to learn more about the opportunities in bespoke online trading, and who wish to upgrade their trading and investment knowledge.

Take advantage of this opportunity to join with IronFX, the Global Leader in Online Trading.

Metaquotes Server Update

Thursday 12th of June 2014

Pepperstone server update

On the 1st of August 2014, Metaquotes are releasing an update to Metatrader 4. As part of this update, Client Terminals older than Build 600 will no longer be supported.

If you are using a Client Terminal that is older than Build 600, you must update your Metatrader 4 Client Terminal to the latest build, or the platform will not connect to the trading servers.

What Metatrader Client Terminal am I using?
To see what Build of Metatrader you are using, please follow these instructions:
  1. Open Metatrader 4
  2. Select Help > About
  3. An About Box will popup, on the bottom left you should see:

Metatrader - Pepperstone
Version: 4.00 Build XXX < This is your current build
What if my Build Number is HIGHER than 600
If your Metatrader 4 Build is 600 or higher, then no action is required.

What if my Build Number is LOWER than 600
If your Metatrader 4 Build is lower than 600, then you need to update your trading platform. You can update your trading platform by either:
  • Downloading the latest version of MT4 from the Pepperstone website
  • Opening the platform as the Administrator

IMPORTANT: As part of the new update, experts and indicators are installed into a new directory. We highly recommend that you click the following link in order to see how to install these files are now installed.

FBS extends the variety of account types

Wednesday 11th of June 2014

Many traders have been waiting for this event!

On June 16 FBS introduces new types of accounts:

• Cent account
• Fixed Spread account

Moreover, quotes on all types of account will become even more accurate - 5-digit precise quotes.

Other trading conditions of current trading accounts will remain unchanged.

Now, no matter what strategy do you use, at FBS you will find an account with the most convenient conditions for you!

FXPRIMUS is upgrading their Data Centers that allow you to connect to the MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform.

Why is FXPRIMUS upgrading its Data Centers?

Their previous Data Centers were up to the specifications required by MetaQuotes. However, they have decided to upgrade to newer Data Centers that exceed MetaQuotes' minimum specifications to help improve your overall connectivity to their servers.

What do I need to do to ensure I have a smooth transition connecting to the new Data Centers?

The new Data Centers are currently enabled on their MT4 servers. They will be disabling & removing the "old" Data Centers on the weekend of June 7, 2014. In order to ensure that you can connect to your MT4 platform without issue after June 7, 2014, simply make sure to login to your MT4 trading platform any time this week while the market is open.

Alternatively, you may force a temporary connection directly to the FXPRIMUS Data Centers by manually inputting the IP of the Data Center that corresponds to your account in the "Server" field of your MT4 platform. To do this, open your MT4 platform, select File > Login > enter your MT4 Login, Password and the IP from the list below. Finally click "Login" to complete the process. Once connected, your platform will update itself with the new Data Center access points. After one successful connection, you may resume selecting the default server options in the MT4 platform (ie: FXPRIMUS-Live, FXPRIMUS-Live-3, etc.) when logging into your account.

Please see the updated DC access points below:

US-East DC:
ASIA-Singapore DC:

US-East DC:
ASIA-Singapore DC:

US-East DC:
ASIA-Singapore DC:

US-East DC:
ASIA-Singapore DC:

As a last resort, you may reinstall the MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform from your Member's Area at any time. The FXPRIMUS MT4 platform download contains the most up-to-date DC access points.

If you need assistance logging into your MetaTrader4 platform, please do not hesitate to contact the FXPRIMUS live chat customer support line. To speak with a live chat representative, simply click the "Live Chat Support" icon at the top of any page on their website at

Please be aware that due to the upcoming US Memorial Day & the U.K. Spring Day bank holiday on Monday 26 May 2014, our trading hours will be as set below.

Memorial Day Trading Times

Trade Chinese Currency

Friday 23rd of May 2014


Pepperstone is proud to announce the addition of the USDCNH currency pair.

This pair provides Pepperstone traders with the ability to access new exposure to China's currency, the Renminbi (RMB). Traded off-shore through Hong Kong as USDCNH, the USDCNH market has grown in investor interest and volatility in recent years since the loosening of trading limits imposed on China's currency market.

With China's central bank now allowing a daily 2% fluctuation in Renminbi movement, and with growing perception that Chinese economic growth is slowing, there is strong potential for further exchange-rate reforms in coming years that may reveal further trading opportunities in the USDCNH market.

To view this pair within your MT4 Platform Simply Right Click on Market Watch and Select 'Show All'

MT4 Show All