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FXPRIMUS is upgrading their Data Centers that allow you to connect to the MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform.

Why is FXPRIMUS upgrading its Data Centers?

Their previous Data Centers were up to the specifications required by MetaQuotes. However, they have decided to upgrade to newer Data Centers that exceed MetaQuotes' minimum specifications to help improve your overall connectivity to their servers.

What do I need to do to ensure I have a smooth transition connecting to the new Data Centers?

The new Data Centers are currently enabled on their MT4 servers. They will be disabling & removing the "old" Data Centers on the weekend of June 7, 2014. In order to ensure that you can connect to your MT4 platform without issue after June 7, 2014, simply make sure to login to your MT4 trading platform any time this week while the market is open.

Alternatively, you may force a temporary connection directly to the FXPRIMUS Data Centers by manually inputting the IP of the Data Center that corresponds to your account in the "Server" field of your MT4 platform. To do this, open your MT4 platform, select File > Login > enter your MT4 Login, Password and the IP from the list below. Finally click "Login" to complete the process. Once connected, your platform will update itself with the new Data Center access points. After one successful connection, you may resume selecting the default server options in the MT4 platform (ie: FXPRIMUS-Live, FXPRIMUS-Live-3, etc.) when logging into your account.

Please see the updated DC access points below:

US-East DC:
ASIA-Singapore DC:

US-East DC:
ASIA-Singapore DC:

US-East DC:
ASIA-Singapore DC:

US-East DC:
ASIA-Singapore DC:

As a last resort, you may reinstall the MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform from your Member's Area at any time. The FXPRIMUS MT4 platform download contains the most up-to-date DC access points.

If you need assistance logging into your MetaTrader4 platform, please do not hesitate to contact the FXPRIMUS live chat customer support line. To speak with a live chat representative, simply click the "Live Chat Support" icon at the top of any page on their website at